CHICOUTÉ, an American hospital-based efficacious skincare brand

CHICOUTÉ, an American hospital-based efficacious skincare brand, was founded in 2020 by SBI, which was established in 2009. CHICOUTÉ focuses on improving various skin problems caused by aging and sun damage. Combining high-tech ingredients and carefully selected natural botanical extracts, the skin changes are visible.

As an emerging New York skincare brand, it is committed to creating the most innovative, safest and most high-performance skincare products. Each CHICOUTÉ product is created by a group of renowned scientists and formulators to provide specialized solutions for specific anti-aging needs.

Origin of CHICOUTÉ

The name CHICOUTÉ is synonymous with a cloudberry liqueur made by the native people of Quebec, and also means “precious” and “elegant”, hoping to provide modern women with an elegant, pleasant and effective skincare experience by using precious ingredients.

On a trip to Quebec’s Côte-Nord region, Mr. Shahan Nazar, Estée Lauder’s former Senior Vice President, discovered a golden berry called cloudberry, and became intrigued by the plant, which grows in the harsh Arctic environment.

The local people of Quebec admire and love this berry, not only as an ingredient in their food and wine making, but also as a direct medicine for a variety of ailments.

The cloudberry can grow in extremely cold and dry conditions and contains a variety of skin-friendly ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E, ellagitannins and benzoic acid. The combination of these natural ingredients has a remarkable effect on the fight against aging.

Inspired by this research, in 2020, Dr. Michael Ingrassia and his team developed Polar Recovery Complex, a line of anti-aging skin products under the brand named CHICOUTÉ (in French).

Technical Support: L’Onvie Inc.

– founded in 2007 in Long Island, USA, it is a cosmetic company with leading international technology. It also owns production sites in the U.S., Canada and China.

– Over 100 years of product innovation and manufacturing experience with L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, P&G, Revlon, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Avon, Intercos, Jahwa and many more.

– An technology company driven by innovation with multi-million- dollar investment annually in R&D and technology developments.

– Private label and full service for U.S. retailers and global brands

– 195,000 SF manufacturing facility in China & 20,000 in Orlando under FDA cGMP & ISO 13485, ISO 22716

– Technical collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Columbia Medical School, and the Sino-German Institute

– China-US Cosmetic Research Center at Beijing Technology and Business University, specializing in creating cosmetics for Asian skin types

Patented Technology

Bright Cocktail EX Skin Brightening Technology

A four-dimensional, all-around effect that blocks melanin, reduces pigmentation and brightens skin tone

It is a combine of chemical synthesis + plant extract + fermentation, for different skin brightening targets and mechanisms to inhibit melanocortin precursors and black production, prevent melanin transfer, promote melanin formation to lighten melanin, synergistic effect to achieve whitening, really improve the skin condition.

VernixTechnology Bionic Technology

Mimics the protective lipid film on the surface of baby skin

Several natural and safe ingredients are compounded into fetal lipid bionic, which can effectively repair damaged cells, repair the skin barrier and restore the state of baby skin, while forming a protective film on the surface of the skin to keep it moisturized all day long.